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LUCY PEACH Bells & Whistles

Lucy Peach
Lucy Peach

Lucy Peach brings her 2014 to a close with two shows, kicking off this Sunday, December 14, alongside Leah Miche and Katie White at Kidogo Arthouse then with Prita at Clancy’s Fremantle on Saturday, December 20. BOB GORDON stops in for a chat.

What kind of stuff have you been writing of late?

Mostly co-writing!  On a secret, exciting project, which is great/good to get out of your own head, sometimes.  Over the past year I’ve been writing about things that make me feel good that I want to affirm and make true.  Love songs; what a sonic relief to my own ears! Some looking back, too; about the time we sold our piano so mum could hire a private detective to find my biological father.  About the life and times of my cat, Esmeralda.  You know, the usual.

How have you evolved in the last few years of performing?

I love the freedom of performing – the chance to try new things.  In the past I’ve explored with great musicians and (r)evolving line-ups and experimented with genres in a pretty spontaneous way.  My songs start off on my baritone uke – somewhere in between a guitar and a ukulele – but when it comes to performing it’s always tempting to add more and more instrumentation… when you only have four strings to start with!  Bells and whistles; flute, pedal steel guitar, go-go dancers and, oh look at that shiny thing over there!

But what I’ve come to love most is telling stories and connecting with people and to do that I need to leave more space around the words.  I’m also obsessed with creating atmosphere and the perfect fade in!  So I suppose you call that stripped back, don’t you?  I feel braver now.

What are your plans release-wise?

My current recordings are definitely reflecting that and I’m really excited about them.  The uke is front and centre and Lee Jones is bringing the gold dust. We’ve been recording at Wasteland Studios and it’s been a thrill.  I was a bit prepared for a wrestle but I’ve been delighted and even limitations have had silver linings.  For example, Lee’s left hand has been out of action.  So we just used his right hand on three separate piano tracks and came up with a sort of ethereal spaghetti western aesthetic which we all loved.  Joel (Quartermain) has been wonderful to work with and I feel like I’m discovering and capturing my truest musical self.  I’ll be releasing a five-track EP in March.

You occasionally perform with your young son, Reuben. It must be a beautiful thing to share?

He is working on his own projects currently and not as keen to share the stage with me, particularly since the gig where the melodica tube wasn’t sufficiently rinsed after being washed with bleach.  He is writing songs with his Dad that reflects his leanings more, i.e. rockets.

2015 goes like this…

More co-writing, lots of shows, a video that I’m having lots of fun making for the single, world domination that sort of thing!


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