LOVE FAME TRAGEDY Multiply (feat. Jack River) gets 7.5/10

Love Fame Tragedy feat. Jack River
Good Soldier


Matthew “Murph” Murphy’s latest solo project is the least Wombats’ sounding track he’s released yet, and it’s a relief. It is nice to hear something a bit (and it is only a little bit) different from the singer. Multiply also features a recognisable Australian name, and Jack River definitely adds some signature bittersweetness to the song.

Multiply comes from Love Fame Tragedy’s second EP Five Songs to Briefly Fill the Void, and considering we are all in a bit of a void at the moment, it could not have come at a better time. The record explores all the hedonistic excess that is very hard for us to experience ourselves right now, including Paris, palm trees, gambling and burning through all our money. The song acts as a vessel to this fantasy world where all of this is once again possible.

Jack River’s voice is a nice addition to the track. She matches Murph extremely well, making the line “we should multiply” stand out with a literal multiplying of voices. The chorus is classic Murph, with a catchy melody and huge sing-a-long potential, that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Although the start of the song sounds like it was made on Garageband and is slightly annoying as a result, layering the sounds throughout the record works well and sounds good. Although a different intro would have been nice, the wonderful melodies which are the best part of this track more than make up for it.