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LOUD NOISES @ The Baltimore gets 8/10

Loud Noises
@ The Baltimore
w/ Sideways Garry, Command A Panda, Childlike Empress and Dying Degree
Saturday, July 11, 2020


Originally scheduled for March, which feels like a goddam lifetime ago with all that’s happened this year, Loud Noises from Big Tommo Presents finally got to bring joy to the Perth metal scene at newly renovated The Baltimore, formerly known as The Sixty30, as Perth’s most fun-loving bands dusted off their gear and hit the stage for the first time in fucking ages. What ensued was a raucously fun evening for the smiling, bopping punters fresh out of COVID hibernation accompanied by some pretty decent live music.

Sideways Garry

First up was Sideways Garry, a punk band who have been around the Perth heavy music traps for a fair bit now. The break seems to have done these boys good, they played with energy and really enjoyed themselves, even treating fans to new tracks Harbour and Hate Bait, both of which were fucking grouse. This consistently great live act kicked off the festivities delightfully, and it was a pleasure to see them back on stage after what seems like ages in this year from hell.

Command A Panda

Up next, everyone’s favourite alt-rock two-piece Command A Panda graced the stage, playing a well-oiled setlist masterfully with pure style. Adam Moore must be the smiliest drummer around, and along with a slick, shirt-and-tie-clad Matt Hort on vocals and guitar, these two create a sound that you’d be forgiven for thinking came from a bigger band. Highlights from their tight set would have to be fan-favourite Medicine and No One’s Fuckin Steering. They set the tone perfectly for the other sweet two-piece who was to follow.

Childlike Empress

Everyone loves Perth’s brother rock duo Childlike Empress, with Karl Brown on bass and vocals and Lance Brown on drums. Playing a sweet cocktail of progressive rock/metal mixed with some catchy punk, they grabbed the baton of awesomeness passed on by the opening acts and kept the night running sweetly. Playing with a chemistry that can only be perfected through knowing your bandmate literally your entire life, the standout from the setlist was Sorry for Nothing with its anthemic pop punk-inspired chorus.

Dying Degree

To close things out on this night of heavy music merriment came the difficult-to-define but always entertaining Dying Degree. If the big grins on their faces are anything to go by, these boys were pretty pumped to be back on stage and their dancing, moshing army of loyal fans seemed just as happy to have them back. The perfect band to close out a night with their metallic-hardcore-alternative-punky sound and super high energy style of performance, they did not disappoint. Vocalist Tony Westwood spent much of his time running around the room bumping up with punters and chucking the mic at fans to sing along, while guitarist Kyle Gilbert and bassist Nick Green kept things tight on stage with Dying Degree’s signature weird, satisfying riffs and groovy basslines.

The newly renovated The Baltimore, henceforth to be the live music space in The Sixty30 Tavern, looked pretty slick with a bigger stage, but it was a bit of a shame that their impressive new lighting rig wasn’t in use. Some ambience could have been added to the proceedings, but to be fair, everyone at the gig seemed so stoked to be there, they might not have even noticed. It’s pretty rare to see the crowd packed out and sticking around to the very end, but in a year like this one where we have been so starved of live entertainment, plus with such a sweet night of awesome performances, it was hardly surprising to see such a good turnout right to the finish.

Review and pics by MELISSA KRUGER

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