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Loose Pills



Off The Hip


Loose Pills may be a relatively new name around Sydney, but the members of the guitar touting four-piece have played in more bands and jammed in more garages than it would be prudent to mention. One listen to their debut and there is no mistake that these chaps have chops that have been perfected by being around the block a few times.

The Mess For Me wastes no time in signalling that crunchy guitars and tight harmonies are the band’s sweet spot. Ryan Ellsmore has one of those pop voices that would have been at home fronting any of the most popular skinny-tied outfits from radio’s heyday. Whether giving a feverish melody from behind muscled up guitars or the more knee-trembling effort on the jangle of I Don’t Want It, Loose Pills are in safe hands.

Matt Galvin is the masterful hands behind many a splendid riff and freaked up solo and still finds the space to give his growl over to the garage laced She’s Melting which is a chugging highlight. Bill Gibson offers the sugar-lipped backing that was delicately honed well before his time on tour with Evan Dando, but Loose Pills are greater than its individual parts. Get Drunk, Play Records brings back memories of a more simple life and should be a mantra embraced by life coaches worldwide.

Loose Pills may not be the most fresh-faced chaps to make a debut but there is more than enough energy and brashness on Rx that it’s hard not to lose yourself in its poptastic charms.



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