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Big Picture
Dew Process


London Grammar’s new single Big Picture is the second release from their as yet unnamed, upcoming album. The ballad is produced by Jon Hopkins (Brian Eno, Coldplay), who has done a superb job – the track is modest and directional, sounding both robust and delicate and the arrangements are poetic to say the least.

Like London Grammar’s 2013 album If You Wait, the nucleus of the music is Hannah Reid’s exceptional voice. Her vocals are more operatic and soaring in style in Big Picture and this nicely contrasts with the vivid bubblegum soundscapes.

The dreamy synth and sparse percussion work from Dot Major and the carefully plucked guitar chords of Dan Rothman create an ethereal expanse which compliments the vocals, whilst allowing them room to shine.

The single is accompanied by a space themed cinematic video directed by Sophie Muller (Beyonce, Coldplay) which is an obvious nod to the spaced out synth sounds that make up the track. However, the need to reinforce the dreamy direction does come off a little contrived and cheesy.

As beautiful as all the sounds are, it’s definitely not ground-breaking or new territory for the band.


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