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Local & Launching

Them Jackdaws
Them Jackdaws


10/04 Chainsaw Hookers We Want Your Blood Album Launch @ Amplifier

10/04 Nic Brown Horizon EP Launch @ Jimmy’s Den

10/04 Them Jackdaws Self Titled Album Launch @ The Velvet Lounge

10/04 Tired Lion I Don’t Think You Like Me Single Launch @ The Bird

11/04 The Regular Hunters Surreal Single Launch @ The Odd Fellow

11/04 Oh White Mare All Right Single Launch @ Jimmy’s Den

11/04 Sanzu Painless EP Launch @ The Rosemount

17/04 Amy Sugars Everything I Never Said Album Launch @ The Carine

17/04 Morgan Bain Why Don’t You Stay Single Launch @ Indi Bar

17/04 Grrl Pal Paradise EP Launch @ The Bird

17/04 Ready To Fire Without Doubt EP Launch @ YMCA HQ

17/04 Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving Yield To Despair Album Launch @ The Bakery

18/04 Darkyra Black Fool Album Launch @ The Astor

18/04 Natalie Gillespie Courage To Love Album Launch @ Fremantle Arts Centre

22/04 Helen Shanahan Finding Gold EP Launch @ The Ellington

26/04 Celery Self Titled Album Launch @ The Velvet Lounge

08/05 The Killer Hipsters Self Titled Album Launch @ Paddington Ale House

09/05 Axe Girl Beach Single Launch @ The Odd Fellow

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