The Lunettes - Photo by Trilby Temperley
The Lunettes – Photo by Trilby Temperley

26/07 Cracked Actor Iconoclast Album Launch @ The Bird

27/03 Foam The Feeling Is Mutual EP Launch @ The Bakery

27/03 Galloping Foxleys Self Titled Album Launch @ Mojos

27/03 Girl York Perception Is Reality EP Launch @ The Rosemount

27/03 The Lunettes Self Titled EP Launch @ Four5Nine

28/03 Pat Chow Pleasure Unit Single Launch @ Four5Nine

28/03 Will Stoker And The Embers Young Bloods Single Launch @ The Bird

29/03 Dan Peters & The Volatyles Love Me Now I’m Dead Single Launch @ Mojos

02/04 Eduardo Cossio The Work Of Days EP Launch @ Four5Nine

04/04 Filthy Apes Indigovidual EP Launch @ Mojos

10/04 Chainsaw Hookers We Want Your Blood Album Launch @ Amplifier

11/04 Oh White Mare All Right Single Launch @ Jimmy’s Den

11/04 Sanzu Painless EP Launch @ The Rosemount

17/04 Grrl Pal Paradise EP Launch @ The Bird

17/04 Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving Yield To Despair Album Launch @ The Bakery

18/04 Darkyra Black Fool Album Launch @ The Astor

26/04 Celery Self Titled Album Launch @ The Velvet Lounge

09/05 Axe Girl Beach Single Launch @ The Odd Fellow