At The Space Jam - Photo by Rachael Barrett
At The Space Jam – Photo by Rachael Barrett

20/02 Flower Drums Don’t Wait Single Launch @ The Bird

21/02 Toby Nobody Told Me Album Launch @ Fremantle Arts Centre

28/02 At The Space Jam The Shore Shark Redemption EP Launch @ The Rosemount

28/02 Dream Rimmy EP Launch @ Mojos

28/02 Shimmergloom Frequencies Collide Album Launch @ The Velvet Lounge

06/03 Rag N’ Bone A Woman Under The Influence EP Launch @ The Bakery

07/03 Legs Electric Wanna Riot Single Launch @ The Rosemount

13/03 The Imps Muddy Banks EP Launch @ Four5Nine

13/03 Peyton New York Era Single Launch @ The Velvet Lounge

13/03 Scalphunter Double A Side Single Launch @ Jimmy’s Den

14/03 The Amani Consort Dawn After Dark

14/03 Flooded Palace EP Launch @ Fremantle Arts Centre

14/03 Our Man In Berlin Moliere Single Launch @ Jimmy’s Den

20/03 Chaos Divine Colliding Skies Album Launch @ Amplifier

27/03 The Lunettes Self Titled EP Launch @ Four5Nine

11/04 Sanzu Painless EP Launch @ The Rosemount

18/04 Darkyra Fool Album Launch @ The Astor