Live casino online: features and benefits

Thanks to the rapidly developing technologies, there are unique opportunities that were never even dreamed of before. One of them is the ability to play online in casinos with live dealers. This is the latest innovation that significantly distinguishes Live casino games from other types of gambling entertainment. So, what live online gambling brought to the gambling audience?

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  • Revitalized gameplay. Communication with real people allows you to create the illusion that everything around you are happening in a real gambling house, and not in an online casino. The user can communicate with the dealer, while online slots and other AI controlled software is completely impersonal.
  • Improved honesty and transparency. The gamer sees every move of the casino dealer in real time. This helps to better understand the rules of the game, and also to make sure that the game results are really randomized.
  • Simulation of a real game of Live Casino Roulette, as well as a number of card game types. There is nothing more interesting than visiting a real gambling house. Not everyone can afford it, because today there are not so many of them and they are located in large and expensive cities of the world. It is much easier and cheaper to replace such a trip with websites like this one –, which is in no way inferior in terms of bringing the rules of the game to life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Play

In each process, you can find its own disadvantages and advantages, even in live online casinos. The advantages of such entertainment without a twinge of conscience include:

  • Realism and immersion in the gaming atmosphere of a real expensive club. It has never been so easy to be a part of a real live casino while having the unique opportunity to “disappear” at any moment, continuing to do your own business.
  • The professionalism of the dealer. Each Live casino dealer is a specially trained person, a professional in his field. If you’ve ever wanted to see how they work in real halls, then this is the best opportunity to do it without leaving your home.
  • High quality auxiliary graphics. Despite the fact that the main part of the image is a live broadcast with a specific dealer, the website interface includes graphical controls. All of them are beautifully drawn and completely identical to the real ones (for example, the chips of the game table or cards).
  • The ability to conduct a conversation. This is a unique right that will never appear for gamers of virtual slots. If, for example, you have chosen blackjack or poker in Live casino, you can chat directly with your real opponents. You can also talk to the dealer (for example, about the rules and the probability of winning).

Despite the attractive advantages of live online casinos, you can always find several disadvantages. However, in this case, they do not overlap the advantages, and do not even cast a shadow on them. So, the first disadvantage – a gambling house client will not be able to connect to a live casino with a live dealer without high-speed Internet. Today, the majority of network users already have it, so this disadvantage is confidently leveled by employees of provider companies.

The second disadvantage is that communication with table colleagues and croupiers can only take place through chat. Thus, the client is able to see the real image of what is happening at the gambling table, but can only answer in writing. In fact, this is not surprising, since video communication with thousands of gamers is a difficult task for any Live online casino server. You have to choose: either a stable connection with everyone, or constant interruptions, but with the ability to conduct a voice conversation.

The operation of the live casino

Many gamers are interested in the question of how Live online casinos work and where they are located geographically. In fact, the location is practically irrelevant, but these are, as a rule, large cities, where you can rent large rooms and connect serious equipment. To create a realistic picture of an online casino, special halls are being formed, decorated in the style of expensive elite gambling houses.

As a rule, designers and technical specialists work on the image. The former is developing the most profitable interior, while the latter are engaged in setting up modern video and sound equipment. As a result, we get the best image quality and professionalism from dealers, despite the distances of hundreds and thousands of kilometers.

Having become interested in the game, many customers are looking for an answer to the question, what entertainments are included in the list of Live casinos? Modern virtual halls already have dozens of their varieties, but the number is constantly being updated upwards. The most popular games at live casinos are:

  • poker;
  • baccarat;
  • online blackjack;
  • online roulette;
  • wheel of Fortune.

In most cases, it is live casinos and live dealers that make the process more intense and attractive. Of course, someone just prefers virtual slots with similar capabilities, but personal communication is a factor that is difficult to replace.