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The Little Wing Corner Gallery is finally back in business this year, returning with their ever-popular Photobomb Party on Friday, September 1. It’s been a while between drinks down at the Subiaco venue but this one promises to bring things back with a bang. BRAYDEN EDWARDS spoke to the brains behind the operation J’aime Fazackerley and Alexander Miller on the history of the venue, why we’ve been deprived of it opening its doors in so long and why they are passionate about the opportunities it can provide to emerging artists in the future.

Photobomb events feature five artists who are assigned the task of incorporating their artwork into the work of a randomly-chosen photographer. This Photobomb showcases a quintuple whammy of five photographers and five artists painting live over the night. There are two hours for the artists to complete their work live, in front of the crowd before the finished artwork is auctioned with sales being divided between the artist, photographer, the gallery and a nominated charity.

To make it all the sweeter, the whole display will be accompanied by the live sounds of Candy Guts, Western Kinsmen Of The Sun and Marmalade Mama in a unique space that takes a colourful and fresh approach to bringing artists, musicians, the arts community and just plain drinking enthusiasts together for a shared experience.

Where did the idea for the Corner Gallery come from and how did it get underway (and when)?

Alex: J’aime and I basically wanted to create a space that we would like to go hang out at. A space fitted out with random couches, rugs, trinkets, artwork, music, and whatever else contributed to the vibe. The earliest incarnation of The Corner Gallery was a series of fit-as-many-people-in-here-as-possible parties. The Subiaco Council caught wind of what was happening down our end of Hay Street and weren’t too impressed. From there we had a nine month process to bring the building up to code and refined what exactly the space was for which was helping establish emerging Perth artists and musicians and crossing over these audiences which I think we achieved.

The place hasn’t had anything on for a while… can you say why that is?

J’aime: There’s a few reasons. The space has been set for development for four years and counting but there was a particular period of time where our lease was too uncertain to booking anything in. Alex and I also wanted to take some time apart to pursue other projects. Although we haven’t been putting on any events ourselves the space has been getting utilised in other ways for artists as a studio space and band rehearsals and the like. The timing just felt right to collaborate again.

What people and organisations have been involved to help the venue and its initiatives?

Alex: The Gage Roads Brewing Co. gang were the first company we actually partnered up with and we are proud to still be with them. Along the way we’ve worked with Volcom, Sailor Jerry, Converse, Molotov, The Butcher Shop, Jacksons Art Supply, The Conservation Council, AWARD School, OXFAM, Surfaid, The Red Cross, Headspace to name a few. Wherever we can, we include a charity donation from each show. King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard were actually the first band to take the stage at The Corner Gallery, however at that time it was just concrete floor.

What is particularly exciting and unique about the space and especially the upcoming event on September 1?

J’aime: The space is unique in the sense that it evolved naturally over time. We didn’t create it with a plan in mind, we “winged” it so to speak and let our passions and personal interests guide the direction of the aesthetic. We also didn’t have a big budget to start off with so everything was approached from a DIY perspective making use of what we could hustle on the fly. The event on September 1 brings photographers, artists and musicians into the same space creating a crossover of creative mediums and a melting pot of local talent.

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