LITTLE MAY Apples gets 8.5/10

Little May

Dew Process


Little May have offered fans a second taste of what to expect from their upcoming record Blame My Body with fuzzy, 90s inspired track Apples. Originally a folk trio, Elizabeth Drummond and Hannah Field – now operating as a duo – have shaken free of those roots, though they still manage to hold onto the inimitable tenderness and vulnerability that made their previous record For The Company a raw and enchanting masterpiece.

Apples solidifies a change in direction, a sound teased by single Lover that has become fully realised in the form of this high energy, yet calmly chaotic, track. Drummond’s silky, detached vocals create a contrast between the instant and consistently relentless instrumentation. Bone rattling harmonies, somewhat of a painfully beautiful hallmark of the duo’s sound, elevate the chorus and ensure the melody attaches itself to every crevice of the listener’s mind.

Sparkly production and shimmery synths highlight the sonic evolution, while Drummond’s lyricism maintains a sense of raw, unapologetic clarity; a reminder of the pair’s ability not to just tug at the heartstrings, but to break them altogether. “I’m trying to find something to hold onto,” the opening line of the song sets the tone, effortlessly assuring us that Little May still refuse to dance around their feelings, their honesty invariably present at every turn.

Apples explodes both in and out of existence, the single short and abrupt, easily rendering audiences dazed and wanting. Apples is a sweet glimpse into the future of Little May, one that conjures up a desperate desire to hear more.