LITTLE DRAGON Tongue Kissing gets 8/10

Little Dragon
Tongue Kissing
Ninja Tune/Inertia


Put your best shiny lip gloss on and get ready to French it up with the latest dance-pop hit Tongue Kissing, delivered to you with love from Little Dragon. In anticipation of their 2020 Europe and North America tour, the Swedish pop band released this track as a teaser and it has got us all addicted.

Flowing with the bombastic energy and charisma that embodies frontwoman Yukimi Nagano, Tongue Kissing encourages listeners to be more daring with life. It’s four parts funky, two parts sexy and a whole lot of the quintessential Little Dragon style that will fuel your body with dance fever.

The track is Little Dragon’s first release since their 2018 EP Lover Chanting. Since then, the band have collaborated on songs with Little Simz, Flying Lotus and sir Was. Yet while in the past they’ve worked on many songs, including the terrific Empire Ants with Gorillaz, Little Dragon have never sounded better than when it is just them. This alluring track, with the incredible, upbeat instrumentals and smooth vocals is identifiably theirs – and it will stick in your mind like caramel in your teeth.