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LITTLE DEATH CLUB @ Edith Spiegeltent gets 9/10

Little Death Club @ Edith Spiegeltent, Yagan Square

Friday, January 18, 2019


Little Death Club is subversively deluxe, wrapped up in a stylish variety show, which caters to anyone seeking out the alternative to standard fare this FRINGE WORLD. Offering up a cavalcade of beautiful weirdos in a glorious procession, it is a testament to what FRINGE is all about – testing your boundaries as you roll around in the purest of unique art.

Bernie Dieter is your hostess and doesn’t so much walk on stage as stalk and prance at you, inviting you into her world with a gin-soaked voice, harking to prohibition speakeasy sexiness. She is a true star, a treat to watch, utterly hilarious and so completely engaging in all her raunch, sass and swagger that you’re going to want to enlist her immediately for debaucherous girl gang shenanigans.

Featuring some truly A list carnival stars, the line up this year features the incomparable talents of drag glamazon songstress Gingzilla, as featured on the X Factor UK in 2018, leaving Robbie Williams feeling “deliciously confused” for good reason. This bearded delight is so incredibly talented and watching her eating her feelings while singing so beautifully was something to remember for eons.

Lolo Brow is a confusing, dangerous time. Don’t even try to assume their gender, for this is one heck of a diverse and delightful performer with a reputation to match. To sum up the Lolo Brow experience, it’s like being fucked gently with a chainsaw of old school carnie trickery in drag. You ain’t seen nothing, folks, until you witness a drag queen performing block head, drilling into their own skull before your weeping eyes.

Aerialist Beau Sargent is captivating to watch, performing feats high above the Spiegeltent with consummate grace and precision. Leah Shelton’s sex doll strip also brought the house down as panties unanimously dropped for her in a fiercely feminist act, consistent with a wonderfully coherent theme throughout.

Little Death Club is a glorious celebration of all genders as it brilliantly deconstructs them in the ultimate showdown of sideshow freaks and curiosities who encourage you to look deep, even if it makes you balk while your sides split with laughter.


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