LINCOLN MACKINNON X-Clusive video premiere: Once You’re Wrapped Around Me


Following on from his second album Sparks Will Fly last year, Fremantle songwriter Lincoln MacKinnon has released the video for Once You’re Wrapped Around Me. It’s one of the more tender moments from the album, which MacKinnon wrote in Tennant Creek, about five hours from Alice Springs while he was living in a remote community doing documentaries and film making before moving to Fremantle four years ago.

“It was kind of written in the style of Woody Guthrie I suppose, maybe a little Billy Bragg or Wilco thrown in there too. It’s a love letter from one lover to another,” he said. The song also features local singer Billie Rogers, whose voice can be heard right throughout the Sparks Will Fly album.

As a filmmaker MacKinnon directed and edited the clip himself with long time collaborator Dan Holliday from 2D films on camera. While his previous videos were more complex undertakings, this one was a little more stripped back. “I’m Bled was shot in the Freo prison and required a cast of 40 or more people, a huge crew and an endless amount of props,” he said, while “I’ll Be Yours required a lot of props, locations, cast and crew and many man hours.”

“We decided to strip the video back to something wholesome and simplistic, not only to represent the style, message and stripped back nature of the song, but to create a clear shift in gear from our other recent clips,” he said. “We set the clip in my own kitchen and gave it that wholesome country Americana kind of look. You know, the kind of film where they would have cornbread cooling on the window sill, curtains blowing in the breeze and a couple of old folks kicking back in rocking chairs on the porch as the last hour of sunlight warmed them.”

The video is the beginning of a series of three stripped back isolation videos. “All three are a reflection of the times and how we are forced to reflect, spend time with our immediate loved ones and entertain ourselves,” MacKinnon said. Besides those three videos, he is also working on two other music videos with a full cast and crew. “These are epic and have crazy storylines, so we’re looking forward to getting those out there.”

As for new music, MacKinnon is currently in Sundown Studios in pre-production for his third album. “We’re excited with the shape this record is taking and it’s been a wonderful process so far. We’re hoping to release the first single from it in September.”

Lincoln MacKinnon’s second album Sparks Will Fly is out now. Check out the video for Once You’re Wrapped Around Me below.