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Regal Recordings/Warner

After bursting onto the scene with her hit, Smile, back in 2006 via the debut album Alright, Still and consolidating her reputation as pop’s First Lady of the outspoken with 2009’s follow up It’s Not Me, It’s You, Lily Allen is back with Sheezus.

Gone are the days of party Allen – doting mother and happily married Allen has arrived in lieu, for the most part anyway.

Singles such as Hard Out Here, and the title track have been well publicised, and for good reason, it seems as if Allen is trying too hard in parts on this album. Worried that her talent alone isn’t enough to carry an album, and therefore relies on shock lyrics, a slew of pop references and a little too much auto tune.

That being said there’s some real quality pop songs to be found, especially if you let the music wash over you and don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics or the constant changes in style. There is little coherence to the flow or style of songs.

L8 CMMR shows how satisfied Allen is with the bedroom chops of her new hubby; it’s the polar opposite to last album’s Not Fair. It’s a catchy tune that sees Allen at her musical best, and cheeky to match. URL Badman tackles online trolls while Insincerely Yours pokes fun at ungrateful artists who take fans for granted. A solid and fun release even if it lacks any kind of cohesion.


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