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Like Junk


Noise merchants Like Junk launch their new EP, No Silence, at Bar Four5Nine this Saturday, July 19, with support from Dust, Sprawl, Laurel Fixation, King Crime and Uvees. We had a quick word with frontman Scott White.

Who are Like Junk? 

Like Junk are Michael, Anetta and myself. We’ve playing together since 2009, but the band formed earlier than that, and this will be our seventh release of sorts.


What’s your sound? 

Our influences change all the time. We don’t really have a sound. Just kind of noisy. You know, piano, feedback, drumming, wailing. Sometimes happy, sometimes not. Sometimes bitey, sometimes playful. Moody, like my cat!


Tell us about the new EP, No Silence.

No Silence is the most political release we’ve done. In a way it’s a metaphoric call to arms, at least to myself. I think with all the terrible things going on in the world and this country right now, and with our environment at absolute tipping point, silence isn’t really an option for any of us.

Where did you record?

We recorded the six tracks over two nights with Adam Burgess at Strummers Guitars. The whole thing’s done live so it is as is, no overdubs and stuff like that. It all worked out really well, Boris Sujdovic (The Scientists, Beasts Of Bourbon) came to a show we played at The Old Bar in Melbourne last year and was happy to record with us, so we kind of organised the recording around when he’d be in town with The Scientists. He ended up playing bass on all the tracks.


You guys tend to spend a lot of effort into the design and packaging of your releases. Is that the case here as well?

Yeah, the cover’s almost done, which is unusual at this stage cause we’re nearly always working on it til the wee hours of the night before. It’s definitely the easiest packaging we’ve ever assembled, but it still speaks something about the music, which is what I’m interested in. Anetta and I were saying the other day that we’re getting better at non-time consuming DIY, so that’s something.


Tell us about this zombie film you’re soundtracking.

It’s called Community Announcement Z and it’s an anti-fracking zom-com! Kind of John Waters meets Night Of The Living Dead.  As well as doing the soundtrack for it, we’re actually in the film quite a bit. There’s a trailer for it online, which is pretty funny, and we’re doing an Indiegogo crowd funder for it right now. The crowd funder closes on Wednesday night, so if you’re interested, check it out and help us reach our goal.


What’s up next?

Who knows? Escape plans are being made by more than one of us right now. We’ve got an album three quarters recorded and another one in the works, so we’ll see.

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