Liam Naughton



Irishman Liam Naughton is a relatively new arrival to these shores, so it’s interesting to note the first (conscious or coincidental) influence we hear on the opener, upbeat rocker Fallen seems to be our very own Tim Rogers. His voice is a versatile instrument, as showcased on standout track, Lisa -– starting as a disinterested whisper, the song shifts into more plaintive territory over choppy strings before climaxing with another gear shift into loud rocky terrain.

The melancholy title track is elevated above maudlin navel gazing by a gorgeous string accompaniment. The EP takes a final left turn with the slow building, grungy closer Vanilla Ice Cream, which drives towards its conclusion, before exploding into an extended harmony led cacophony for its outro.

He could stand to dirty up his edges a little (everything on offer here is exceedingly pristine) but those looking for earnest, sparky and diverse singer-songwriter fare need look no further.