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Liam Gerner


Land Of No Roads



Australian-born country songwriter, Liam Gerner’s album, Land Of No Roads, is a reflective, biographical release, full of well-crafted Americana tunes. While it’s not accurate to call it Australian music, as Gerner’s songwriting is clearly far more influenced by his time in the US, there are a few musical references to his country of origin.

Debt And Denialville is a logical introduction for listeners, as the album’s only pop song. Drummer Victor Indrizzo’s New Orleans’ feel gives the tune a strong rhythmic groove, however, it suffers from Gerner’s lack of emotional conviction, prevalent in many of the earlier track numbers. The album’s ballads, such as Say I Do, The Resurrection Of Henry Box Brown and All We Have Done, are clear-cut highlights, full of sincerity, sensitivity and an excellent control of dynamics.

And while the up-tempo numbers are hit-and-miss, the raucous, slurring country waltz, Son Of A Scoundrel, is a light-hearted reverie. On top of this, the distinctive dustbowl-style album art is innovative and demands a flick through.



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