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Let’s Kill Uncle

LKUbwWho are Let’s Kill Uncle?

Let’s Kill Uncle is a 5 piece metal band, originally from the Perth Hills. The genesis of LKU dates back to early 2008, however it wasn’t until 2010 that the line up as we know it today was formed. We’ve been hard at work writing songs and Jamming since then with the occasional gig thrown in for good measure. In late 2013 we finished recording our debut EP and are hoping to get it out to the masses by playing plenty of shows in 2014.

Where does the name come from?

We get this question a lot! Let’s Kill Uncle is a 1966 horror film directed by William Castle. It’s about a 12-year-old orphan who has just inherited a fortune is trapped on an island with his uncle who intends to kill him for his inheritance. A young girl is the boy’s only ally against the sarcastic uncle, who uses hypnotism, a pool of sharks, fire, and poisonous mushrooms as weapons to inherit the cash! Sounds like a trip?! Funnily enough none of us have ever seen the movie, we just thought it was a cool name.

Tell us about Copious Noise at the Rosemount.

We’re pumped about Copious Noise! We’ve put together this show and handpicked the lineup – Tusk, Pyromesh, Darkenium, Let’s Kill Uncle & Arkarion. As far as we’re concerned this is as good as it gets – copious amounts of metal goodness! Punters can expect to see a great metal show from 5 highly talented bands. Its going to be a fun night and its only $10 entry! Get around it!

What next for Let’s Kill Uncle?

We’ve got our official EP launch booked in June, and from there we just want to keep having fun, playing and writing great tunes and getting our material out to our uncle-slaying fans!

Where can we find you online?

Check out the Copious Noise event here.


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