The Blackest Beautiful

Epitaph Records

If you’re looking for a unique and intense sound, you’ve found it. It may take a few listens to truly appreciate The Blackest Beautiful as anything more then a clusterfuck of noise and tempo changes; however, once you reach that epiphany, it becomes clear how bold, complex and dynamic Letlive’s third LP is.

Evolving from the alternative metal sound of Letlive’s 2010 LP, Fake History, The Blackest Beautiful combines post-hardcore, funk, rock and punk styles to form a demon spawn of Rage Against The Machine and Asking Alexandria.

Jason Butler is an incredibly versatile vocalist; alongside strong pre-choruses, Letlive’s choruses become naturally gripping. The instrumentals are hard-hitting, whilst occasionally changing into eerie beauty.

Opening track, Banshee, seamlessly travels between punchy rapping, an explosive chorus and an entrancing bridge, which will leave you attempting your best Butler screams; however it is the chorus of Younger that will stick in your head for days, with its simple structure, catchy vocals and solid harmonies.

It seems like Letlive have officially arrived, with a stronger sound and a stride they aren’t afraid of showing off.