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LET ME FINISH. @ Circus Theatre gets 8.5/10

Let Me Finish.
@ Circus Theatre at Fringe Central

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


The FRINGE premiere of Let me finish. is an essential insight into modern femininity. This play opens and tumbles its audience into an uncomfortable club scene, cubical conversations and breaks the fourth wall with a reality check on body image, sexuality, self respect, and female empowerment. The cast transfixes their audience with a hymn that inhales the bullshit and exhales harmonies that ‘make a new sound’.

Each story interconnects and projects onto the lives of the audience, creating diverse voices and making its points with precise intellect and sass. He may or may not be into you, maybe… but that’s okay because what follows is an abstract look into self-pleasure and orgasmic experiences with an audible sigh and understandable cry.

Let me finish.
 reaches into the guts of what it is to be female and invites you to consider some of the realities that females face in modern society while saluting the grit and strength of raw stories and poignant reflections. From the culture of colour and the ambiguities of being a woman in a modern society; whether it is travelling alone, discussing heritage, sexuality, social interactions, harassment, assault and judgment.

Although our stories as women are broad and so diverse in their own right, they are so very significant, relevant and relatable.

Whether you have been in love with men or women or both, you will be moved, stimulated and reverberate from the humility and grace of the modern women. Let me finish. brings all of these themes to the forefront of its audiences’ frontal lobe and asks why, as a society, do we still simmer at boiling point? If men in the audience can audibly react to the stories and circumstances being brought to their attention, then why can’t society as a whole do the same?

Let me finish. is a play that will moves beyond the moment, allows reflections on life experiences, and triggers the voice that has been silenced into a shout.


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