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LEO MULLINS Being Here Is Everything gets 9/10

Leo Mullins
Being Here Is Everything


Leo Mullins is no stranger to this songwriting caper having resided in bands from each of the capitol cities on the eastern seaboard. As well as the distance covered in a van, Mullins has also traversed a fair range of ground from pop and indie rock to country and folk tinged roots moments. His first solo album Being Here Is Everything, pulls on his experience in each of those genres.

Most of the record sounds as though it has been recorded in small rooms, with very little light while people hold their breath. One of the strengths of the album is in the arrangements that appear lithe and sparse at first, but unveil layers of drone and glitter with repeated listens. Weight Of The World has gently plucked guitar and the signature Mullins voice that has such an easy timbre that it will break your heart at one moment, only to turn around and fill it with warmth a second later.

The Dirty Three’s Mick Turner drops by to play a meandering guitar solo on the almost six minute bedroom folk opus Let The Light In, as well as some gnarly bowed guitar during the chilling Linger On. This Paper Boat is a lo-fi gem with its drum machine, sweet harmonies (thanks to Kirti Mills) and a melody that is stealthy and enchanting. Close To Love draws on Mullins pop pedigree with a hook that would draw the coast guard’s attention.

Leo Mullins has long been one of the most underrated songwriters in the country. With a caliginous and deft touch throughout, Being Here Is Everything confirms Mullins’ calibre.


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