Lords Of Dullsville

Bridge Sounds


Named after Perth’s (mostly unfair) reputation as the Sleepy Hollowest capital in the land and sporting cover art and props from Hard-Ons legend Ray Anh, Leeches’ album comes flailing through the moshpit at you at 100 mph and is gone in the blink of a slammingly furious eye.

Having said that, the likes of Choking, Cracked And Broken, Drain and the appropriately titled Media Frenzy never sound rushed – as speedy as Lemmy after a four-night bender, but never suffering premature cessation.

Lords Of Dullsville is, instead, a ball tearing meth-fuelled thrash through 10 madhouse tracks made for slamming into walls at a full sprint, and it’s the most intense 12 minutes you’ll spend this summer. Brace yourself for the comedown – nothing seems the same after a dose of Leeches.