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LAURA JEAN Touchstone gets 8/10

Laura Jean

Chapter Music/Inertia


Recently Lorde tweeted about Laura Jean’s new single Touchstone, saying it may be “the sharpest communication of the spooky, all-consuming nature of feminine love.” And just like those overwhelming, loving feelings she mentions, this song is incredibly addictive.

“Sometimes I fantasise about you while you’re lying next to me in my bed,” sings Jean, as she lays bare intimate lyrics about longing for her “magic touchstone”. She has managed to put into words the enrapture you feel when you’ve fallen for someone, and you’d be completely forgiven if your heart flutters a little when you listen.

A departure from her previous folk musings, Touchstone is four minutes of shimmery pop music. Traditionally uncool instruments, like bongo drums and the melodica, are given a new lease of life here, while simple drum beats and guitar riffs lay the foundation for Jean’s syrupy voice to be the primary focus.

This current wave of female solo artists gaining popularity, including Laura Jean, is delivering amazing, relatable music, and I, for one, am here for it.


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