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COMPASSION FUNDRAISER Local bands vs malaria in South Sudan

Last Quokka

Last Quokka have organised a fundraiser to help those in South Sudan battling a malaria pandemic, going down at 459 Bar this Thursday, September 28. The Quokkas will be joined by Aborted Tortoise, Regular Boys, Tanaya Harper and Trolley Boy. 

Last Quokka said, “South Sudan is currently amidst a Malaria pandemic due to unprecedented rainfall giving the mosquitoes a dangerously strong breeding ground. Our friend, Isaiah, is losing village members (who are all family in his culture) at a frequent pace, and is constantly putting on a brave face. The sad thing is, it costs approximately US$50 to treat, but they cannot afford the treatment. The government has the supplies sitting there and ready to go, but will not use them as all their money is going towards a horrific civil war.

“The love, enthusiasm and support that this music community so often shows moves us Quokkas to tears. We have it good here on this isolated coast. We love you all.”

The show will cost $5 entry and all proceeds will be going towards the cause. You can also head to the Go Fund Me page to donate.

Compassion Fundraiser feat. Aborted Tortoise, Last Quokka, Regular Boys, Tanaya Harper and Trolley Boy hits 459 Bar this Thursday, September 28 from 7pm. 

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