LANEWAY FESTIVAL Kevin Parker, CC:DISCO! & more for Block Party

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival have announced that along with I OH YOU and Red Bull that they will be hosting a Block Party within the Fremantle leg of the festival at Esplanade Reserve and West End on Sunday, February 11.

The concept is a homage to the very first Laneway parties that were spontaneously held out the back of Melbourne’s Caledonian Lane, circa 2004. This is Laneway Festival going back to basics.

Fremantle’s Block Party will see CC:DISCO!, Feels, Jesswar, Kevin Parker (DJ set), Reef Prince and Wiki take to the stage alongside more acts still to be announced.

Red Bull, Laneway and I OH YOU have a long lasting history of collaborating to present festival stages, artist showcases, events and initiatives that celebrate music, its culture and the transformative minds behind it. Block Party is the newest concept from these music heavyweights, which will feature heaving sets from the finest up-and-coming electronic artists, hip hop acts and DJs.

Laneway Festival Fremantle hits Esplanade Reserve and West End on Sunday, February 11. Tickets on sale now.