LANA DEL REY Releases new song Love


It has been just under a year and a half since baroque pop singer Lana Del Rey released her fourth studio album Honeymoon, and now she is back with a brand new single entitled Love, the lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album.

Love (originally titled “Young & In Love”) is a song about Del Rey reflecting on the concept of youth through her fans. She muses on how the youth of our generation (including herself) maintain a sense of wonder and empowerment, even though we are lucky with so many different advancements in modern day society, we still desire and search for the old fashioned feeling of love. No matter what is new and upcoming in the future, no matter how exciting it may be, it will not give you the same excitement as being young and in love.

The music video, directed by Rich Lee, sees Del Rey performing in black and white and shows snippets of young lovers in colour. Lana is said to be the “Nancy Sinatra” or “Lolita lost in the hood” as her singing style is based on 1950’s and 60’s Americana Hollywood Sadcore, however this new single is differs from her other material as it makes the listener feel that even though the world is changing, one thing won’t change; love.