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LAMBCHOP Autotuned left-of-centre country-soul mini-orchestra

Here’s one to put in the diary. Ever-changing Nashville icons Lambchop might have earned their stripes in the 90s alt-country movement but the subsequent two decades have proven the band’s soul is that of a nomad, passing through post-rock, lounge, electronica and folk. Led by Kurt Wagner, this autotuned left-of-centre country-soul mini-orchestra return to Perth for their first visit since 2005, playing Badlands Bar on Saturday, October 21.

With a string of internationally acclaimed albums such as Nixon, OH (Ohio) and last year’s excellent FLOTUS to Lambchop‘s name, Wagner’s songs and their delivery have always gone against the Nashville mainstream. Lambchop have been hailed alongside the likes of Wilco and Ryan Adams as the heroes of an alternative country music renaissance.

Alternating between country, post-rock, soul and vocoder minimalism, and led by Wagner’s bent enigmatic songwriting and croaky whisper of a voice, Lambchop will perform a set sculpted, melancholic yet humorous in sonics and mood, culminating in a laid-back style as interesting as it is soothing. Get ready for one of the most unique voices in indie rock.

FLOTUS is out now. Lambchop play Badlands Bar on Saturday, October 21.

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