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L7 Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago gets 8/10

Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago
Don Giovanni


After an 18 year drought, L7 have returned with a bundle of Trump-fuelled fury in the form of Dispatch from Mar-a-lago.

Beneath their signature heavy exterior, the LA four-piece imagine a seemingly apocalyptic scenario within the gates of Trump’s extravagant resort. The American political climate spurred this genuine fear of disaster, with frontwoman Donita Sparks saying recently: “there has been this urgency to get out Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago because who knows what the hell’s going to happen?”

With walkie-talkie vocals, solos destined for Guitar Hero and its memorable and belt-able title, L7 have stuck to their guns. Sparks’ insistent shouts mingle with feedback and throbbing drums galore; a sound familiar enough to please the diehards. Lyrically, its simplicity truly is effective. The word “Mar-a-Lago” feels as though it takes up half the song, but it works. I can just picture Dispatch going wild through the summer festival circuit amongst fans and the clueless alike.

Despite its imaginative roots, Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago appears to exist as more of a mood than a story. It doesn’t directly prompt, yet its purpose is clear. It is a protest, a worry and a catharsis all at once, and it rocks.



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