KUČKA Contemplation gets 8/10



KUČKA’s been a local star for some time but really rose to prominence after touring and working heavily with Flume for his 2016 album Skin. Real name Laura Jane Lowther, the Los Angeles-via-Perth producer KUČKA has returned with her latest single Contemplation, the first sign of the artist since last year when she released Drowning (featuring Flume) and Real (co-produced by Nosaj Thing). 

Contemplation is about the importance of giving yourself time away from the chaos,” Lowther says, and the track adheres to its title. She starts hidden behind the eerie production before her lyrics remind herself to take the time to consider things and decide if she has to start over again. The refrain throughout is “Build it up/ build it up/ stronger than I knew I could be”. Her emotive and ethereal delivery render the words meaningful.

The electronic notes on Contemplation are layered and the trap beat keeps the track motoring. Her crystalline vocals complement the icy synths; the song is at once comforting and intimidating. It’s a delicate electronic taster of what KUČKA has to offer moving forward although there is no word yet on other forthcoming releases.