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Krafty Kuts


Martin Reeves isn’t a DJ who needs any introduction – unless you didn’t realise his stage name was actually Krafty Kuts. So now that you know, you should also know that his discography spans almost two decades – and his time in music makes up one of the great beats legacies. RK talks to the man himself about new music and his love of Perth. 

“I did feel like I was getting a bit lost in the music recently,” says Reeves down the line from the UK. “There is a real feeling of here today, gone tomorrow with music nowadays,” he adds. 

“And while there is a lot of it coming out, it isn’t memorable enough. I’m still trying to make all sorts of different styles of music – stuff you can listen to any time. I’ve been writing heaps of music too, so look out for a few new Krafty Kuts tracks.”

Expect a new mix compilation titled Back To The Beats 2, as well as two remixes for local heroes Dub FX and Northbrook. Reeves is spending considerable time working on his new project, a band, Wicked City – something he claims he’s wanted to do since he started in music back in the day. “That project that been going really well; it helps me stay in shape musically and keeps things fresh and funky. The band is something I set up with Peter, a good mate of mine and we started producing music which we really thought would work live,” he chimes.

“It’s a mid-tempo sound, around 105-115 bpm. So with a drummer, another guy on keyboards and Dynamite MC, we did this brilliant show with Dub FX in Brixton and it was an 1800-person sellout! We really took the time to rehearse and get things together – but it ended up being this totally amazing experience. I was doing the scratching and compositions and it was heavy beats with funky bass lines – and live, it ended up being rather brilliant. Everything came together to make it perfect.”

Indeed, with his last full-length compilation released in 2012, Let’s Ride, which was a 16-track magnum opus that took various styles and mixed it into one congruent whole. “I like to create my own style that moves with the times,” claims the upbeat Reeves. “I always take a bit of garage, trap, hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass and mix it up like a chef – I want to take all of that to the people. It has to be different but it also has to be something people can relate to.” Doubtless, his enthusiasm is telling and while he admits he isn’t quite the Jamie Oliver of music, he does appreciate putting something tasty together.

And more so, he is super excited about his return to Australia in 2014. “I’ve had some great times there I have to say. The crew in Perth are really into their music and they’re always a great crowd. I’ve got lots of new records and music to play and I can’t wait to unleash it onto Australian crowds.” 

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