KITTEN N’ LOU: HOLIER THAN THOU @ Circus Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre


Circus Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre (for Fringe Festival)
Monday, February 13, 2017


Camp, delirious, inspired insanity from the universally lauded queerdos of vaudevillian drag theatrics, Holier Than Thou irreverently glitter bombs religion and the bible in divine majesty. I whooped and I hollered, I laughed and then they made my eyes leak. Kitten La Rue and Lou Henry Hoover gave me life, and I wasn’t alone in my joy – this is the first Fringe show I’ve seen that elicited a unanimous standing ovation. For the global debut of this brand-spanking-new show, that’s quite a reception.

Kitten and Lou’s chemistry is palpable, which is hardly surprising as they are married offstage and travel the world together, bringing their super-gay brand of gender nonconformity, blessing us with their distinctive blend of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. They don’t just bend gender, but rip it asunder, then stomp all over it in Kitten’s stripper heels before grinding Lou’s padded crotch into it.

Seamlessly blending some seriously impressive visual media, choreographed dance numbers, burlesque, drag and confrontational numbers in a superb, thematically coherent show about religion, and the mansplaining, slut-shaming storybook that is the Bible, this is not for those with delicate sensibilities or who are prone to clutching their pearls. Narrated by the illustrious Jinkx Monsoon as god, as befits this royal alumni of Rupaul’s Drag Race, and also featuring the ghost of Charlton Heston (aka Major Scales), this is for the twisted, the perverted, and those who don’t mind their women naked and raucous as hell.

Kitten La Rue is a show stopper, the ultimate queen of ungodly burlesque, and completely owns the stage with a flawless Burning Bush act, resplendent as she utilises her fans to flame the fires in the audience’s pants in a nod to traditional burlesque. Bruce Springsteen has never been so good. Lou as Jesus is a wonder. As Moses? Perfection. Lou is an impeccably polished dancer, and the ultimate gender confuser.

Both Marys are given a biblical working over, but Kitten’s Mary Magdalene as she challenges men in the fierce My Essence is My Offence routine is a blessed highlight. Noah’s Ark mythology lends itself to an existential insextual housefly routine with that really serves to showcase their skills, and will leave you gagging.

The conclusion of the show actually brought tears to my eyes, and goose bumps to my body. Kitten N’ Lou are a warm hug for your sacrilegious soul and will leave you screaming “YASSS GAWD!!” Go see it. Revel in it.

Kitten N’ Lou: Holier Than Thou runs every night until Sunday February 19 at 8:15pm at Circus Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre


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