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Kitchen People

Kitchen PeopleBig Splash Heat #4 Winner

How did you feel about your set last Tuesday night?

Jake: I was pleasantly surprised! I woke up ill and played pretty averagely at our morning practice, but we managed to pull it together on the night. Tom and Vincent played great as usual, I remembered the words and I think we had good live energy; plus lemon water and partaking in a KFC 12-Piece Feed on the night powered me up. I think it’s one of the better, if not best sets we have done… which was convenient.

What acts caught your ear and/or eye?

Tom has been a big fun of Puck (Wild Card Winners) since back when they where a two-piece and it’s always great catching them. Real heavy tunes and respect for being able to drum and sing so well at the same time.

Who else in the Big Splash heats are you keen to get a look at?

Went to Heat #3 and was diggin’ Husband and Stuart Orchid. I remember both bands having really talented players. Disappointed I missed Silver Hills in Heat #1 because they are always great. The Mind Canary recordings I’ve listened to have me looking forward to seeing them as well.
What are your plans, at this stage, for the rest of 2014?

We started recording some more songs a week or so ago, but ain’t 100 per cent sure what we will be doing with them. We pump songs out pretty quickly so an LP or at the very least a 7” is in the works. We would like to gig a lot more, but it can be hard with us all being involved in other projects. Never fear, we will make time! And we are getting another guitarist, Charles from Aborted Tortoise, yew!

The Big Splash continues with Heat #6 on Tuesday, July 8, at Flyrite, featuring Kid XL, Old Blood, Sam Wylde and Sprawl. Tickets are $5 at the door from 8pm.

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