KINGSWOOD @ Metropolis Fremantle gets 8/10

Kingswood @ Metropolis Fremantle
w/ Dear Seattle, The Vanns
Friday, October 6, 2017


Kingswood hit Metropolis Fremantle with an excellent show on Friday. Dear Seattle and The Vanns warmed up the modest crowd and the first night of the band’s Kingswoodus Maximus tour was great from the outset.

Opening with Library Books, from new album After Hours, Close to Dawn, Kingswood ripped onto the stage with their full band and two back up singers, showing that they were both professional and ready to party. Next up was Sucker Punch and Like Your Mother, three top notch opening songs from what was going to be an excellent set.

Looking For Love and ICFTYDLM earned some singalongs from the crowd, and Kingswood had so much energy that it was impossible to have a bad time. Singer Fergus Linacre was such a force on the stage, and guitarist, Alex Laska, was very impressive.

Atmosphere was a clear crowd favourite, and followed by hit, Golden, proved a great run of tracks that really got the crowd excited. The band played Medusa and then retreated off stage.

Cheers bought the band back on stage for their encore, and started with the Laska led Big City. They then launched into their popular Like A Version cover of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name before playing Ohio, Micro Wars and closing the show with Creepin’, a major highlight of the night.

The long encore sat well with fans, as did the good banter between the band and the crowd. Beaker Best from Sticky Fingers was filling in on drums for Justin Debrincat, but this did not take away from how tight the band were live. The inclusion of the back up singers also took the showmanship up a notch.

Overall, excellent banter, a well put together setlist, as well as how tight the band were, especially considering they had a fill in drummer, made this Kingswood show one to be remembered.


Photos by Paul Dowd Photography