Microscopic Wars 

Dew Process


Since releasing their debut EP, Change Of Heart, back in 2012, Kingswood have been working hard to capture our attention, and now they’ve arrived with a rocking debut album.

From track one, Microscopic Wars proves that Kingswood are a band all about change and growth. While many acts choose to stick to a particular sound through their EPs and early albums, these guys like to fuse their inspirations, changing their sound throughout their brief career so far – not just across different releases, but even within individual songs.

Here, Kingswood launch straight into proceedings with the hard rock energy they’re known for (All Too Much, Ohio), and there are more than a few tracks that bring back those old-school stadium rock vibes – Tremor is one – full of beautiful harmonic vocals. Your ears and emotions will be taken on a rollercoaster journey of passion as songs slow down, become smoother and melodic, letting you get those deep feels on (Eye Of The Storm) before launching back up to some serious guitar jams.

While such contrasts could cause conflicts and clashes, Kingswood have constructed an album that brings them all together without a hitch.