Kings of Leon Set to Perform their NFT Album Release Across Australia

On the 23rd of April 2021, Kings Of Leon, an American rock band, revealed their Australian tour plan during an interview with Triple M radio. The tour aims to promote their latest album, which has caught global attention for its uniqueness as the first NFT band release.

They expressed great anticipation for the tour during the interview, having been off live stages for an extended period.

With the buzz some of the album’s singles have made in a short while online, we can only anticipate an inspired performance with fresh content. Nonetheless, here is the outline of the whole tour.

The Band

In the 20 years the band has been in the music scene, they have claimed some of the world’s most prestigious awards, such as the 4X Grammy Award, and performed on some of the biggest stages, including Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo.

After catching a worldwide audience with their 2003 Holy Roller Novocaine Ep, they have defended a top position with millions of albums and singles streams, including one best-selling Australian album, Only By Night.

The four-men Followills band consists of brothers Jared, Caleb, Nathan, and a cousin, Mathew. In fact, Caleb, a lead singer, revealed plans to go Aussie after too much pressure from his wife Lily Aldridge, who is also a supermodel.

Tour Dates

The When You See Yourself album tour will see the band perform on Australia’s biggest stages between March and April 2022. They shall also perform songs from their previous seven albums, among them hits like Use Somebody and Sex Is On Fire. But before then, they shall head south to New Zealand to perform at the Spark Arena on 23rd March.

Nonetheless, their first performance will go down at the Quds Bank Arena, Sydney, on 26th March 2022 before heading to the Brisbane Entertainment Center for their month-closing performance on 29th. They set foot in Melbourne at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on 1st April and at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on 4th. Finally, they shall perform at Perth’s RAC Arena on the 7th of April 2022.

In the post-pandemic period, the music industry now looks to tour, which promises to enforce the NFT technology into a market that now depends upon streams, as live shows remain limited. The success of singles such as Echoing, The Bandit, and 100,000 People shortly after release has inspired the band to dedicate half a million dollars of the NFT sales to boosting music groups that have been out of business through Live Nation’s Live Crew.


The Non-Fungible Token technology, an establishment of the YellowHeart company, is a blockchain-based system that improves the convenience of selling digital assets through the internet. Creators can now own and transfer digital works as they would with tangible assets without worrying about pirating. It is also designed to be transparent so that transactions can easily be traced. Mechanisms can also be employed for musicians and everyone involved in production to benefit from every transaction.

It is currently being used to sell music, art pieces, and other supplementaries such as tickets. Presently the system is based on Ethereum cryptos.

What it Means to Australia’s Economy

In the digital world post-pandemic, the crypto technology is an exciting nexus that, besides improving payments, also increases security, holding the potential to apply as a standard means of securing digital assets.

As the central reason for the tour, there is no doubt that it will quickly peak in the Australian economy. With the massive influence, it will also see tourists come from around the south.

The security it offers will also boost the convenience of gambling, a southern culture that challenges tourism in terms of massive visitor records.

One interesting fact about the red continent is its biggest casinos in the southern hemisphere, such as the Crown Resorts. It also has the headquarters of some of the world’s top and reliable online casinos. The online landscape is rapidly advancing to catch up with the traditional land-based casino infrastructure. The online industry has recorded significant milestones introducing better gaming terms such as no deposit online casinos and client-specific casino bonuses in Australia.  

This tour will no-doubtedly make way for the quick adoption of the NFT technology, considering that the band has already defied failure, unlike individual artists whose impact was not enough to move it a step higher. Australia is also a strategic choice for the band, considering that it attracts some of the world’s highest tourist records with its unique wildlife and recreational diversity. Also, the larger population of the selected areas has high spending habits, considering that the venues sit close to some of the most famous gambling destinations.