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King Parrot

King Parrot playing Amplifier Bar, Perth on May 16th, 2014King Parrot – Photo by Daniel Grant

Entrails Eradicated/Chainsaw Hookers/ Black Witch

Amplifier Bar
Friday, May 16, 2014

Black Witch kicked things off with their own unique brand of sewer dwelling sonic mayhem. The heavy groove breaks were perfectly juxtaposed against the heavy erratic thrash metal punk. The scraping, razor-like vocals kept the intensity high and the blasting drums and shredding guitars will make you evacuate your bowels in pure ecstasy. A fierce five piece set to annihilate.

With the crowd building the support was there to welcome Chainsaw Hookers and it’s plain to see why. Galloping away from the get go, they’re like the four horsemen of the apocalypse. When Armageddon comes, stick close to them, they’ll ride it out. Their riffs are tumescence-inducing and the constant vehement guitar riffs and drum pummelling make the rare heavy breaks feel like a gravity shift. The thundering bass and abrasive vocals are all up in your face. Don’t shave your beard, they’ll do that for ya.

After a few minutes making sure all the technicalities were taken care of, Entrails Eradicated took to the stage in the spirit of dark theatre straight from the bowels of hell. They are technical brutality personified. Two guitarists, four hands, fingers and hair were going everywhere. The bass player’s hands were everywhere at once. How many notes can you fit into a one second bass solo? The drummer was like a one man platoon. The snare was an Uzi and the double kick a .50 cal. All of a sudden an atomic bomb had the walls shaking. These men were truly the kings of speed and technicality on this night. The vocalist’s incessant guttural sonant was like a demonic beast. This is unrelenting mastery of the darker metal.

If you have never been to a King Parrot show then you have never witnessed anything like it. At least this was the case for me. Without bias I can tell you that if you are a fan of music entertainment and you don’t mind things getting a bit dirty, a bit wild, a bit out of control then put King Parrot on your bucket list. Seriously this is organised chaos, debauchery.

From the beginning the fanatics were welcome on stage, diving and crowd surfing, and the frontman, Matt Young, and bass player were right there with them. They were shirts off, sweat and spit flying. The drummer was blasting and blitzing sonically at will. The two guitarists’ ability to shred and wail despite the assault and battery on stage was uncanny. Some songs seemed to be over before they even started. This is not a criticism – this is very fitting. Young’s vocal and style is uniquely his own and he is a hilarious madman. Combined with the wit of the short round bass man, you go from laughter to shock and awe within seconds making you question your own sanity. And then they’ve got you. Mwahaha! Young shushed the crowd and parted them. He stood in the middle, the song started and they charged him. It was insane and then he thanked them and asked for his microphone cable back. With only one concussion after a brutal stage dive everyone ended up reasonably unscathed. Do yourself a favour go see King Parrot. Unless you’re a wuss. You’re not a wuss are ya?



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