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King Of The North


Sound The Underground



Take a shot of whiskey and throw on your leather jackets; old-school rock has returned in the unexpected form of the Melbourne born two-piece, King Of The North. With only a guitar and drums at their disposal, Andrew Higgs and Danny Leo have generated a massive sound, powered on an endless stream of riffs and roaring choruses. Combining Jet’s intensity and AC/DC’s attitude, the duo shine through Leo’s intense snare rolls, Higg’s ability to merge the sound of two guitars and a bass into one guitar and thunderous 4/4 beats, taking Australian rock to a whole new, layered level.

Opening thunderously with swagger and a booming drum fill, It’s Been Too Long wastes no time exposing what is ahead. Higgs has no problem singing along to his challenging and impressive lead guitar, finishing the track with and impressive vocal yell. By the time Watch It Die has come around, heads are banging and bodies are pumping as Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive meets its hardest competition to date. Sound The Underground may well have proven King Of The North may be the new king of Australian rock anthems.



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