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King Krule


6 Feet Beneath The Moon

XL Recordings/Inertia

Say hello to British singer-songwriter Archy Campbell, currently a tender 19 years of age, he is better known as King Krule, and 6 Feet Beneath The Moon is his debut album.

King Krule’s sound is dominated by percussions, beats and echoes, underscored by low-key guitar riffs, either electric or traditional acoustic. This layered ensemble is contrasted with the vocals bearing a very strong and deep British accent, of a non-posh variety, conveying a range of moods, from introspective to vitriolic, with plenty of blue language flung along the way. The repertoire will at first sound strange and jarring, but eventually, it is rather easy to warm up to. The album showcases plenty of variety in its tunes, from slow blues, to a more vigorous rock ballad style.

6 Feet Beneath The Moon is the perfect album for a quiet night to yourself (with beverage of choice on the side) or the perfect accompaniment whilst reading a book by Irvine Welsh or another story set in a gritty, dreary urban environment. To these ears, King Krule is best when he’s angry and furious. Nonetheless, King Krule is a pretty damn good, if at times somewhat melancholic, listen.

Rating: 3 stars



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