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The Golden Echo 


In the same way that the grungy, electronic tendencies of Kimbra’s recent single, ‘90s Music, may have come as quite a shock to fans, The Golden Echo will challenge much of what you have previously assumed about the New Zealand performer – and it may take some getting used to.

The album mashes a combination of disco, R&B, pop and soul together in a confusion of sounds that somehow comes out simply fun and cheeky. The result is a slew of strong hits such as Teen Heat, Goldmine and Miracle, showing off Kimbra’s signature big vocals with a hint of newfound sass.

The biggest success of this album is perhaps the maturity in sound that has come from this startling rebrand. Whether it be through the jarring rhythms in ‘90s Music or her shivering croon in Nobody But You, Kimbra’s voice demonstrates effortless control in each context. But The Golden Echo delves into an overwhelmingly experimental space with Everlovin’ Ya (featuring Bilal) and Waltz Me To The Grave that is painfully grating and dark at times.

Nevertheless, the tracks on this record bravely transcend the genres and audiences of Kimbra’s past, demanding relevance and boldly achieving it.


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