KIM CHURCHILL Breakneck Speed gets 7/10


Kim Churchill
Breakneck Speed


There is something harrowing about Kim Churchill’s new song Breakneck Speed. Opening in a flurry of fettering guitar strings – it opens like a ticking time bomb which explodes into a funked up pursuit.

With hints of a brass band accentuating a funky chorus, it feels like a new direction for Churchill and to be honest, it’s fucking awesome.

Like a spinning top the bridge wispily asks the listener to “stay a little longer” – the track lets you get lost for a moment but then jolts the listener back into reality as soon as the final chorus kicks in.

Whether it’s a jogging song, a bank heist soundtrack or even just a pick-up in the morning, it’s a track that is deserving of hype and attention as it feels it can kick the melancholic individual into action – a nifty audible Xanax pill.

If you want to kick off the day with breakneck, then this is the track to accelerate you up that point.