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KIDS BIRTHDAY BASH Christian Elderfield’s top 5 tips

Comedian and kids entertainer Christian Elderfield is taking all the best bits of kids’ birthday parties and putting them into a 45-minute stage show for FRINGE WORLD called Kids Birthday Bash. With games, prizes and Christian dressed up as a giant birthday cake, it’s going to be a huge fun party. If you’re a fan of inexpensive entertainment bring the whole family down to The Arena Room at The Game Sports Bar on Aberdeen Street, Northbridge. Party time is everyday at 3pm from Friday, January 18 to Sunday, February 3 (no Monday shows). Christian has hosted over 350 parties since 2015 so he told SCOTT AITKEN his top five tips for making a kid’s birthday the best it can be. See you there party people!

1. Parachute games – Parachutes can cost around $70 to buy but you can easily rent one for the afternoon for around $15 from a party hire company. They’re big, they’re wavy and kids love mucking around in them! Games like Cat and Mouse and Sharks and Life Guards are big hits. These games are great from ages five and upwards; the younger ones get a little distracted but that’s just because parachutes are so fun and you’ll see why when you rock up to the show!

2. Turning the daddy into a mummy – Sounds strange but hear me out. All you need is a family pack of toilet paper and a semi-reluctant father for this one. The aim is to wrap them up in toilet paper until he looks like a scary mummy. And the best part is all the kids can pitch in for this one! I usually get two dads, play a loud funky tune and tell the kids they have to make the best mummy they can by the end of the song. Once it’s over the kids have a ‘mummy off’ where the kids cheer for the mummy they think is the best. Then it’s the dad’s turn to act like a mummy, run around and scare the kids. Pros: lots of running in the garden. Cons: lots of toilet paper to clean up. Have your rubbish bags ready!

3. Limbo – Sometimes the old games are the best but for my show I usually like to make a pole out of balloons so it’s soft and at the end everyone gets a balloon too! As the stick gets lower the challenge is set to the children to make it under without touching it. It gives them a goal to achieve and once they’ve achieved it everybody wins!

4. Tug of War – A classic test of strength. All you need is an old rope or you can even improvise with a garden hose. Boys verse girls, kids verse adults, babies verses the family pet – okay, maybe not the last one! All the family can get involved but remember adults, try to let the kids win… eventually.

5. Piñata – What more could a child ask for than hitting a decorated colourful container filled with treats with a stick? They’re pretty cheap too, you can pick up a decent sized one for $15-$20 from Kmart or little knick-knack shops. This is usually at the end of the party as the kids get to rummage for all their prizes before heading home and devouring their hoard.

Click here for tickets to one of the most interactive kids show this Fringe.

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