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kathbloomPass Through Here

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Kath Bloom recorded fragile folk music during the ’70s and ’80s before financial hardship and motherhood became more of a pressing concern. It wasn’t until a quarter of a century later that Bloom returned to making new tunes with Pass Through Here being the latest in this second attempt at her career.

Bloom took some time away from horse training and her Connecticut home to record with some freewheeling West Coast types in California. Whilst this sounds like it would lead to a polished effort, Bloom remains as raw as ever. The songs were recorded with few takes and Bloom’s voice is as impassioned and honest as it ever was.

I’m Getting Close To You has a distinct campfire feel particularly as its rousing harmonies enter briefly before the tune’s abrupt ending. Songs feel like they are on the precipice, only to be scooped up and cocooned by affecting songwriting and quietly defiant delivery.

Bloom could never be accused of precision, but she does deliver music with an open heart. Pass Through Here sees Bloom experiment with percussion and synths, but make no mistake – this is still a record for folk’s true believers.

4 stars


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