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Kate Miller-Heidke

KateMillerHeidkeO Vertigo!
Cooking Vinyl Australia

It’s difficult to classify Kate Miller-Heidke’s music into one particular genre. With a vocal range that would be the envy of many singers, Miller-Heidke’s voice can effortlessly shift from angelic classical tones on one part of a track to upbeat pop vocals on another, as is the case on her fourth solo and first independent album, O Vertigo!

Opening track, Offer It Up, is a lively start which gives a good indication of what to expect on the rest of the album. The title track is an energetic pop tune with unusual tones that resemble yodelling. Three of the best songs on this album feature Miller-Heidke collaborating with guest artists: Megan Washington on Ghost (a duet inspired by a Nina Simone track, The Other Woman), UK star Passenger on heartfelt ballad Share Your Air (reminiscent of Miller–Heidke’s hit single The Last Day On Earth) and  hip hop sensation Drapht on the thrilling and funky Drama, the standout which is destined to become a hit.

O Vertigo! delivers everything we have come to expect from a Kate Miller-Heidke album:  impressive vocals, unique style and a willingness to push the musical boundaries to create a fun and quirky album.


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