Kate Miller-Heidke Smashes Crowdfunding Record


There’s nothing unusual in Brisbane-born singer/songwriter, Kate Miller-Heidke’s decision to fund the recording and release of her upcoming album, O Vertigo!, by reaching out to her fans. As artists such as Amanda Palmer have proved, it can be an exceedingly attractive way of both maintaining financial and creative independence while shoring up your connection with your fan base. Clearly Miller-Heidke needs no help in the latter category, though; her campaign on PledgeMusic, launched on Friday, hit its financial target in three days flat, which makes it the fastest campaign by An Aussie creator thus far.

Contributors can choose from a pretty impressive range of bonuses and incentives based on their monetary commitment, ranging from just the album on CD for a lazy $20, right up to Kate playing at your wedding if you chip in 10 grand. If you’re keen to keen to get in on the action, go here.