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Fresh from taking his second America’s Best DJ title and now a veteran pioneer of the EDM sound we have come to know, Kaskade has dropped his eighth studio album.

The stalwart producer has been vocal concerning the recent mainstream explosion of 4/4 dance music on global radio, citing his belief that the music needs to remain real and Atmosphere is a record that evokes a real emotion, typical of not only Kaskade’s back catalogue but the electro house genre as a whole.

Having experienced the drastic changes in popularity and awareness dance music has gone through in his career, he stays true to the sound he has always spun, and this album lives up to any expectations placed upon him by a worldwide fanbase.

MIA To LAS showcases a welcome, deeper evolution in the artist’s sonic landscape with more spacious, bass-heavy and house-accented tones, while female vocalists and strong piano-based chord progressions define a number of tracks; and uplifting dancefloor fillers Atmosphere and Feeling The Night are also prevalent.

There are few surprises or interesting new musical directions on show on this record, something that comes with the territory of your eighth album and unfortunately foregoing creative freedom in order to be what he has always been as an artist.

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