KAREN O & DANGER MOUSE Woman gets 9/10

Karen O, Danger Mouse



Karen O marches into battle, collaborating with Grammy award winning producer Danger Mouse, for newest single Woman.

It’s an anthem for the modern woman, standing up against the bullies. O cries, “I’m a woman/ What you see”, and gives strength to the repressed, “Girl, you’re gonna make it.” The power of the song carries through with choral tribal chanting as a call to arms, ready for the fight.

Woman came like a bolt out of the blue in the studio and my voice was the lighting rod it struck,” says O. “One of those songs that wrote itself out of the ether and an increasingly volatile political environment. Songs I write are for everyone, but this one felt especially for the inner child in me that needed the bullies out there to know you don’t fuck with me. I’m a woman now and I’ll protect that inner girl from hell or high water.”

O is no stranger to working with interesting people – check out Pinky’s Dream with David Lynch from a few years back – and this collab for upcoming album Lux Prima (due to land 15 March) promises exciting things to come. Danger Mouse’s production pulls influence from retro 50s doo-wop rhythm and blues and Afro-beat, juxtaposed with O’s shrill cries to create something truly unique, but still strongly recognising the independent talents of both artists. The only problem with the track is it’s too short, while earlier title single Lux Prima was an epic nine minutes!

Nevertheless, this is a clean and catchy number that pulls all the right punches. Short, but not sweet, it culminates with the cries, “I’m a woman, I’m a woman, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Girls, Karen O has got your back.