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JUST NUMB3RS – Self Titled EP

Just Numb3rs

Just Numbers EP

We all know the music industry is in a mess – some even say ‘rock is dead.’ Recording costs a mint and CD sales are the lowest they’ve been since Mozart was a boy. Still, every local band and their dogs are still releasing music, even if most of it is generic and unimaginative.

So, it’s a joy to get a new disc that harnesses some pivotal influences in a creative way, with a production (by Andy Lawson) that positively shines.

Just Numb3rs hail from Perth, Western Australia, and cite the likes of Cog, Tool and Karnivool as inspirations, yet over four songs here they manage to firmly control their atmospherics, allowing a Pink Floyd calm to induce a state of grace over proceedings.

It’s rare for a debut EP – especially a potentially widdly diddly or jarring prog rock opus – to resonate so completely with the listener on first spin, but that’s exactly what Just Numb3rs does: it is taught, thoughtful, muscular and utterly engaging. Just Numb3rs have crafted a prog rock-bordering-on-metal EP that is instantly engaging to even non-prog rock fans.

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