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JUST A GENT @ Jack Rabbit Slims gets 6.5/10

Just A Gent @ Jack Rabbit Slims
w/ Moza
Friday, June 30, 2017


Just a Gent made it big quick. In 2014 he was barely 17 and needed to be snuck through the back entrance of most clubs across Australia to play his shows.

Given a few more years, he’s amassed a nice pocket of over 134K Soundcloud followers. After starting out making up his own genre, ‘lovetrap’, as it’s become generic he’s looked to keep things more experimental and that he did at his Perth show at Jack Rabbit Slims.

Sydney-sider duo Moza warmed up the place with some comfortable up-beat tracks. It was chill but excitable – something different and just a little bit more palatable in comparison to a lot of electronic music out there that demands attention and comes at you with full force.

A chat with Just A Gent earlier in the night revealed his collaboration efforts with Moza. “The new single isn’t really a club song, but it can be played in a club…. I hope,” he said. He chatted about how his attention has slightly waned from writing heavy bangers and was giving a bit more attention to a sound that has a “full cinematic” sense. So when he brought himself and his signature top hat to the stage, there was an expectation of variance.

From the feature of the honey sweet Samsaruh and a duet performance with one member of Moza, the showman definitely pulled out a trick here or there along the way. With the peaks and troughs we flowed through his set as though we were on a rollercoaster. It’s these stretched out and flowing sounds that build and dissolve with such fluidity.

From a heavy remix of Flux Pavilion’s I Can’t Stop to his gentle blissy flip of Congratulations he packed the set with mischievous twists and turns that had the sold out venue vibing out hard. As he rounded up the night – it couldn’t have been a complete Just A Gent set without his own Limelight, as he let the melody take us away.

As he showed us what he can do with a live set, the next step might be a new EP so we’ve got a chance to warm to these more dulcet tones. Looking forward to seeing what he can come up with next.


Photo by Aaron Webber

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