JULIA JACKLIN – Don’t Let The Kids Win

dont-let-the-kids-win-album-stickerDon’t Let The Kids Win
Liberation Music

Julia Jacklin comes from a family of teachers and wanted to follow in the family ‘helper’ tradition by being a social worker with an idealistic view of wanting to change the world (even if only via one person at a time). At the age of ten, Jacklin stumbled across the music of Britney Spears and was drawn to how much the tabloid princess had achieved in her teen years. This lead Jacklin on her path to becoming a musician.

Now in her mid-twenties, Jacklin reflects on how quickly life has moved by on her debut Don’t Let The Kids Win. She has moved from the picturesque Blue Mountains to a garage in Glebe to take on the role of ‘struggling artist’. Her debut is a long way from the classical lessons that she received as a youth, or the Avril Lavigne covers Jacklin performed in her high school band, but her rich and controlled voice is certainly a product of those years.

With a love of indie-Appalachian folk, Jacklin is wandering the same trails as peers Marlon Williams, Aldous Harding and Nadia Reid, although with a twist. Pool Party finds Jacklin covering the equal parts admiration and unease of a friends substance abuse by the backyard pool. Armed with a trusty telecaster and a strong voice with country leanings, Jacklin doesn’t shy away from heartbreak, with L.A Dreams capturing a relationship breakdown in all its glory.

Don’t Let The Kids Win is a coming of age record for an artist who has a rich voice and powers of observation well beyond her years.